Writing Tips

There’s a lot to learn once you’ve written a book. You make think that having completed the first draft, the difficult part is over. Far from it. The hardest work is just ahead. Aside from the rewrites (of which there will probably be many), editing, proofing, etc., there’s all the stuff that comes after you’ve put the finishing touches to your final draft and are ready to take the next step.


Choosing what route you want to take with respect to how your book will be published is the first thing you have to do once the manuscript is ready. Your options are traditional publishing, self-publishing, or indie. If you go traditional, you’re probably going to want to get an agent. If you self-publish or go indie, an agent isn’t necessary, but there will be other considerations.


In the sections below, I offer some of my observations with regard to getting an agent, as well as the pluses and minuses of self- and traditional publishing. I’ve also put together some information I’ve gleaned concerning the issue of author platforms and social media. I’m far from an expert in any of this, and most of what I have to say on these matters comes from my own search to unravel just what these mean to a writer and how one might best go about deploying them to one’s advantage. Like many writers, this is something I struggle with daily, and I’m still very much in the learning stage.


Finally, as a Canadian whose book was published by a US-based publisher, I’ve had to deal with the hoary issue of taxes. For both traditionally published writers (like me) and self-published writers publishing through the likes of Amazon, the issue is pretty much the same: You don’t want to get stuck losing thirty percent of your income to withholding tax. I provide some information on this matter – but, again, don’t consider me an expert; and keep in mind that I went through this process back in 2014 and things may have changed since then.


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