Watercolour Paintings & Sketches

Jennie's Secret Garden. Watercolour on paper (cropped image). 1997.

Kilimanjaro from Our Front Yard. Watercolour on paper. 1975.

On Mars. Four separate watercolour paintings on paper (the end panels are slightly cropped in this image). This was a commissioned piece. 2001.

Autumn Path. Watercolour sketch on 5"X3" card. 2008

Emerald Forest. Watercolour sketch on 5"X3" card. 2008.

The Winter Train. Watercolour sketch on 5"X3" card. 2008.

Stone Bridge. Watercolour on 5"X3" card. 2008.

Butterfly. Watercolour sketch on 5"X3" card. 2008.

Autumn Leaves. Watercolour sketch on 5"X3" card. 2008.

Winter Pond. Watercolour sketch on 5"x3" card. 2008.

Nicholas, age 2. Watercolour on paper. 1995.

Nicholas. Watercolour on paper (cropped image). 1995.

Daniel, age 2 months. Watercolour on paper. 1996.

Maritimes Beach. 2008. This is a triptych done on water colour paper. Commissioned work, 2008.

Greek Sunset. My first watercolour sketch, taken after a trip to Greece on our way back from Tanzania. 1975.

The Christmas Card Series

Below are a series of Christmas Cards I did in 2007. They are all watercolour sketches on watercolour paper and measure 5"x3".


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