The Pokemon Fan Comic

My nephews were big fans of Pokemon back in late 1999 and cajoled me into drawing them a comic. Initially I was just going to doodle my way through three or four pages, but as I got going on it I came up with more and more ideas and started to get into the whole comic book process. The result is that the first third of the book is rather crudely drawn because I spent mere minutes on each page. After that it gets better, and for some of the later pages I probably spent an hour or two drawing and inking each of them.


I had intended at some point to redo the more crudely rendered early pages, but by the time I'd finished the project it was running more than forty pages and I'd had about enough of Pokemon.


If you've got kids who are into this sort of thing, they might find it entertaining, so I offer it here as a free download. 


Some samples of the pages are shown below, and beneath them you will find the PDF in both lo-res and hi-res versions.

There are two versions: a lower resolution PDF and a hi-res version. If you've got the bandwith, use the higher res. When you click on it, it'll open in your PDF viewer, at which point you should be able to save it if you wish.

Low-res version

Hi-res version