The Old Ones


        Little is known about the Old Ones, but it is generally accepted that they are the real power behind the Nazis regime. They are seldom seen in public and rarely photographed, but a careful accounting of all sightings suggests there can be no more than twelve or thirteen of them, at least one of which is female.

       The origins of the Old Ones are steeped in rumor and outright fabrication. They are said to be thousands of years old, possibly dating back to before recorded history. Some have suggested they are from "elsewhere," though where that might be has never been truly determined. Ideas in this regard have tended toward the bizarre and the ridiculous – including the suggestion they are from another solar system or a parallel universe.

        Mention of them is found in many cultures, including evidence of their existence found in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Some say the popular Bram Stoker novel Dracula has its origins in fables that are connected to the Old Ones, and it does seem possible they may have been the original source of the entire vampire mythos.

        The writer Philip Hawthorne, in a rare and highly controversial interview done shortly after the release of No Haven for Darkness, insisted it should be the number one priority of the Haven government to rid the world of the Old Ones. He maintained that the vamp empire would soon collapse and that eventually the world would revert to humanity, as it properly should, if the Old Ones were removed from the equation. Respective Haven governments have declined to comment on the matter.