Step-By-Step: Harley Quinn -- DC Bombshells version

It starts with an initial sketch, just roughing out proportions and the pose.

More  detail is added.

The wooden mallet is roughed in.

Some initial shading is added.

Some lines are hardened.

I start by laying down base colours.

More colour is added, and some shading.

Adding colour to the jacket and some highlights and shading.

Colouring the goggles and the bra, plus shading and highlights.

Colouring the gloves and gun, plus shading and highlights.

Colouring the shorts and utility belt, adding shading and highlights. 

Colouring the stockings, shading and highlighting.

Boots and socks are coloured, shaded, and highlighted.

Colouring, highlighting, and shading the wooden mallet.

The Bombshells logo and "Harley Quinn" are roughed in, and the outline for the background poster is sketched. The logo outline is then rendered in magic marker.

Colour is added to the logo using more magic marker.

"Harley Quinn" is finished off in magic marker.

The wall the poster is glued to is rendered in black magic marker and some aging effects are added to the poster.

Some colour and more detail are added to the poster, including fold creases.

The ground is coloured and some details are added (playing cards), plus some shadows are rendered to provide depth.

A few little touch-ups here and there and the picture is finished. A mixed media (mainly coloured pencil) rendering of the ever-popular Harley Quinn in her DC Bombshells guise. This one was for my oldest nephew, a real Harley Quinn fan.

The Final Product