St.Paul's Cathedral


            St.Paul's Cathedral, the largest church in the republic, was built to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the first wave of settlers. A large, imposing edifice located on Wellington Boulevard and Harvard Street, it was intended to mimic its namesake in London, England (which was destroyed during the Nazi invasion of the city in the early days of the Fall).

            Like many buildings in Caelo, the cathedral is painted white. A dome made of recovered ribbing from the SS America and steel plate from other ships dominates the skyline in the area and sets St.Paul's apart. Inside, the space is vast, with rows and rows of wooden pews facing a massive altar. It has been tradition for president-elects, regardless of faith, to visit the cathedral before the official inauguration ceremonies.

            Most of the important funerals and weddings in Haven have taken place in St.Paul's, as well as other ceremonies of a national import.