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Last week I finally got my hands on a copy of the ARC of BECOMING DARKNESS and I have to say it was exciting. Although the ARC is in trade paperback format, it's still a good indication of what the final jacketed hardcover version of the book will look like. (See the scanned image above.)

The cover is fantastic, capturing the tone of the novel without giving away too much . It's neat, uncluttered, and yet full of symbolism that is connected to the story. I love the little touches, such as the German inscription on the model's lower lip -- especially the font it's in. And putting the English translation on the flipside of the book above the teaser blurb is genius.

The designers did a great job on the cover, from the choice of photo and how much to show of the model's face, to the fonts and the transparent stripe of red down the middle. Even the spine looks great. And the fall of hair on the back cover is a brilliant touch I would never have thought of.

The interior design of the book is equally compelling. The choice of fonts, the page spreads containing the titles for the two sections of the novel, and the formatting all complement one another and fit perfectly with the title. It's a book you just love to hold in your hands (which I have to confess, I've been doing a lot of lately).

Of course, now that the ARC is out and copies are being sent to various media for review purposes, things are beginning to get serious. I'm anxious to hear what others think of the novel and hoping the response will be good. While feedback thus far has been great, I'm still on pins-and-needles when it comes to the forthcoming reviews. On the plus side, I've already discovered that there are a lot of people out there eager to read the book. It's mentioned on several websites and my niece, Erin, out in Edmonton said that the bookstore she used to work at is definitely going to be stocking it. Hopefully word will continue to spread over the next few months, so that by the time the October 1st release rolls around, there'll be a large audience ready to snap up the book.

Until then, I continue work on the third novel in the trilogy.

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