The largest circulation daily in the republic is The Haven Chronicle. This is also one of the oldest newspapers on the islands. Its biggest rivals are The Haven Herald and The Caelo Times. Because of rationing, these newspapers are restricted in size and number of pages. The newspapers maintain recycle bins throughout the city so that readers may dispose of copies once they are done with them.

            Freedom of the press is enshrined in the constitution of the republic, but the government may censor the contents of editorials and stories if such are deemed detrimental to the security of the islands and the citizens of Haven. On more than one occasion in the past the government has invoked this privilege; and despite Supreme Court challenges by the papers, the exact details of the security issues involved have remained closed to the public.

            Because of the nature of the relationship between Haven and the Third Reich, the news media have been suitably cautious in their approach to reporting on the Nazi regime. In general, items are limited to only those matters that have a direct bearing on Haven, or which may be presented innocuously and without prejudice.

            Although technically not a newspaper, the weekly Haven Today covers some of the same areas as its daily counterparts. However, it also contains more in-depth feature articles and a more focused analysis of the issues.