New York City


            While it has been many decades since the end of the war, New York City has not changed markedly in that time. The governing Nazis have chosen not to build extensively in a city that remains under-populated since the advent of the plague. And it is believed the German vamps have always been wary of their North American brethren, a fact borne out by the heavy Gestapo presence and a local administration run by a German governor.

            The city and its surroundings still show many of the scars of the war. There are ruins of buildings and craters everywhere, and indications of the chaos that ensued during the worst period of the Fall are evident throughout the city streets. Despite that, New York remains a bustling, active metropolis, on a scale that is far greater than Caelo. Despite the ravages of time, it remains surprisingly seductive.

            Like all vamp cities, New York is active in the night hours and largely quiet in the day. Tourists are still able to visit many facilities during daylight, but are forbidden to travel outdoors on foot. Any movement within the city must be on official underground transportation.

            New York is crucial to Haven's survival, as it is the major port to which the Island Transnational Shipping fleet runs its cargo service. The function of the republic would be severely constrained were shipping to and from the city to be terminated.

            The vamps of New York, however, are considerably different from those of the other vamps cities, and many within the city consider themselves a separate state. A growing underground rebellion is said to exist, and Haven diplomats report that there is a risk of conflict. Already there have been several violent incidents, including several explosions that have destroyed Nazi buildings.

            On those occasions when the Hitler regime has even deigned to acknowledge the existence of rebels, they have been branded as terrorists. The rebels, however, are said to consider themselves freedom fighters, actively engaged in a legitimate cause. The Haven government has no public position on this matter and has stated frequently that any such concerns are the internal affairs of the Third Reich. There are some sources in the government, however, who suggest the republic fears an all-out civil war may arise, and that this could be disastrous for Haven.

            New York remains a city visibly haunted by its past and staggering uncertainly toward an undetermined future.