A wide variety of items are manufactured on the islands, but Haven also imports a great many products from the Third Reich. Imports include gasoline-powered automobiles, radios, televisions, and other electrical/mechanical devices. On the islands the scale of the economy makes it impractical to develop and manufacture many of these goods.

            Although the Third Reich technically closed off access to the mainland, the Haven government authorized covert scavenging missions to abandoned Pacific Rim cities in an effort to fulfill the needs of a growing nation. Despite the risks of being caught by Nazi U-boats, this practice continued for some time, but in more recent years it has become problematic, largely due to the increased dangers posed by entering the steadily deteriorating cities. Officially, the government now frowns upon such activity and has deemed it illegal—though few have ever been prosecuted for engaging in the practice of salvage.

            Manufacturers in Haven have been forced to become increasingly versatile, even as factories have steadily aged and the demand for replacement parts for machinery has become chronic. The government has attempted to address this issue through various strategies, but the fundamental weakness inherent in a small population and limited economy make it difficult to effect any positive change in the situation. Without access to more resources and an ability to expand the population at an increased pace, many fear Haven will simply reach a breaking point – at which time decline will be inevitable and the standard of living will collapse and revert to conditions not seen since the early days of settlement.

            Repeated attempts to get the Third Reich government to permit expansion of the republic onto the mainland have been consistently rebuffed, and there are no indications the Hitler regime will relent at any point in the near future. This has driven some to call for a solution to the "vamp problem" and a demand for the government to be more hardline and proactive in its dealings with the Nazis.