Haeden University


            As stated previously, Haeden University is situated in Caelo and is Haven's major post-secondary educational institution. The student body numbers in the thousands, but because of the obligations set upon women in Haven society, less than a third of the students are female. These numbers have improved somewhat since the early days of the university when the ratio of males to females was in the order of ten to one. Nevertheless, it has long been argued that the imbalance in the numbers of woman able to pursue post-secondary education is detrimental to the aspirations of the republic, and that this must be addressed in order to assure a brighter social and economic future for humanity.

            Haeden University is situated on University Avenue, east of the downtown core and the Houses of Parliament. It originally consisted of a single multi-purpose building, but over the years the campus has grown to include many other buildings devoted to various branches of study. As well, the revered library, featuring the famed Margolliean Camera, occupies a place of prominence. Situated on the edge of the Quad, it is an impressive structure and a testament to the dedication of the republic's second president, Julian Margolliean.