Education is considered a federal responsibility and standards and curriculum are set by the Ministry of Education. The government pays for all education up to and including an individual's first university degree. After this point the financial obligations of the public are determined by the probability of an individual's successful completion of secondary and doctoral programs as well as societal needs. In the case of individuals pursuing postgraduate degrees in applied science and engineering, as well as in medicine, the government assumes all costs. In the case of medical school graduates the government reserves the right to determine place of employment for a minimum of five years following graduation.

            There are some private schools on the islands, the most renowned of these being Humberton Academy in Caelo. However, in accordance with the Education Act, the government will bestow full scholarships on students who are deemed of exceptional academic quality and found to be suitable applicants to Humberton. By law no private school may reject the application of any student who meets the academic standards of the school in question.

            The government has accepted the establishment of a few minority religious schools, but has required that such schools be paid for by members of the community in question – with the provision that such individuals will be freed of obligations to pay the Federal Education Tax. Religious schools must follow the standards and curriculum set by the government, and all students of such schools must take the standardized tests given twice yearly through grades one to twelve.

            Education is considered one of the fundamental pillars of Haven society and a vital component to the future prosperity of humanity.