Diplomatic Relations with the Third Reich


            The Republic of Haven maintains cordial diplomatic relations with the Third Reich. Embassies are located in all vamp cities, and this is reciprocated by the Third Reich Embassy that is located off Coast Road in Caelo.

            Diplomacy is considered essential to keeping the peace, and as such the lines of communication between Haven and the Third Reich have always been active. It has been the primary objective of every president to ensure that the relationship between the Hitler regime and the islands holds true to the truce that was established with the signing of the Articles of Peace.

            Citizens of Haven venturing into the Third Reich are expected to adhere strictly to the guidelines set down by the government concerning conduct outside of the republic. Areas proscribed by the Haven government and/or by the Third Reich are to be avoided at all costs. Haven citizens in vamp cities are expected to exercise the utmost caution and to apprise themselves of all laws and regulations established by the Hitler regime. They are not to engage in activities that might be construed as seditious or reactionary; and any crime committed within the Third Reich must be resolved through means of the local judiciary. The appropriate Haven embassy may offer assistance, but it is generally acknowledged that in matters such as this a citizen is on his/her own and must prevail upon the mercy of the local courts for absolution.

            Diplomatic immunity is accorded all embassy staff, but in the event that an incident should occur, it is within the purview of the respective governments to lift such immunity and permit local prosecution. To date no incidents have occurred that would require this.

            As a rule, the staffing levels of Haven embassies are kept to a minimum, though in the cities that have become more popular tourist destination – particularly New York – the number of personnel is necessarily larger to accommodate the greater need. After the New York embassy, the embassy in Berlin is the largest. Diplomatically the latter is also the most active and serves as home to the president of the republic on those occasions when he visits the Third Reich capital.

            There are some who argue that the freedoms and rights of the citizens of Haven are constrained by their own government for fear of offending the Nazis, and it is certainly true that criticisms of the Third Reich are rare in the media. However, within the school curriculum, set by the government, there is no secret made of the government's own ambitions to one day see humans rule the globe once again.