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BECOMING DARKNESS is published by Switch Press, an imprint of Capstone, and is cuurently available at bookstores and online retailers around the world.

BECOMING DARKNESS on display at Chapters, Centrum, in Ottawa, Canada.

BECOMING DARKNESS on display at the Pinecrest Chapters, Ottawa, Canada.

BECOMING DARKNESS on display at the Barrhaven Indigo, Ottawa, Canada.

Me with my book at the local bookstore, Ottawa, Canada.

My niece, Jennifer, holding a copy of BECOMING DARKNESS at the West Edmonton Mall Chapters bookstore in Edmonton, Canada.

With my book at the South Keys Chapters outlet in Ottawa. It never ceases to stop being a kick to see your novel on the shelves of bookstores.

Becoming Darkness at the Rideau Street Chapters in downtown Ottawa, Canada.

My appearance on Book Nerd Paradise. Many thanks to Linda Lee for this opportunity.

The book trailer for BECOMING DARKNESS.


      What readers are saying about



"This is just utterly bewitching. I've read good books and I've read a few excellent books in the last year. This just blew me away. .... I fell for this book like a ton of bricks. .... Gorgeous prose, excellent voice and a plot that drilled through the layers of darkness in the human soul to the eternal question, what is human? What is humane? Simply marvelous."
J.A.Ironside, Tales of a Librarian



"This is a book that is not easy to describe - but it is certainly great. ...

I definitely recommend Becoming darkness to anyone who likes books about evil vampires, alternative history or interesting paranormal novel."
Zita K., Goodreads



"Alternate Universes has to be one of my favorite tropes and I so rarely see it in published fiction. The idea behind this book, mixing fantasy, alternative universes, and I guess a bit of historical fiction together presents a great new story. The only comparison I can even use to describe it would be the better parts of Twilight mashed with the BioShock video games. ... The plot was so meaty and full of turns... I can only hope that it means there is an intended sequel. With this first installment being nearly five hundred pages of packed action, I hope the story continues to hold up to that standard."
Kenzie Audacious, Readcommendations



"This was a crazy, wild story that encompasses far too many genres to label accurately, but I really enjoyed it. ...a mystery, a thriller and a sci-fi novel. The characters are interesting and the story is engaging."

Kristi, Goodreads



"Sophie is a very strong female lead. She’s determined, sassy at times, very relatable and real. ... There are so many twists and turns that you will never be bored. It pulled me in from the very beginning. This book has something for everyone seriously. It's one of the best books I've read all year."

Steven Sallie,



"It’s very interesting and action packed, it keeps you turning the pages waiting to find out what happens next...."

Offauna, Read Eat Quote



"OH MY GOD. Okay, so I’d been in the mood from some new vampire fiction and I found it. I love all things vampire so there was never any doubt as to whether or not I’d read this. But I found that it was so much more than that. .... There were twists. I mean twist, after twist, after twist. You never knew what was gonna happen next and on those rare occasions when you thought you had it all figured out something else twisted. It certainly kept me on my toes!

The writing is spectacular! I felt as if I were there or like I watching a movie. It was amazing. It’s a really good story and it’s interesting to think about what the world would have been like today if things had went differently during the war.

All I can really do is praise the hell out of this book because it sure deserves it! You guys should definitely read it!"

Kayla, Mindcrazed



"OMG this was so different than anything I've ever read before. What can I say than this, it has everything you would want in a this type of book...."

Elizabeth Means, Goodreads



So, obviously I loved this book, a lot. .... Vampires, conspiracies, murders, corruption, romance, AU, mystery, secrets, dirty politics, a rebellion… this book has it all! Becoming Darkness is everything it promises to be and more. This is definitely one of my new all-time favourite books and I can’t wait to read the next one (and for this one to be released so I can get a physical copy)!"

Kelly, Goodreads



"What an incredible, edge of your seat, biting your nails, leave you dizzy, debut by Mr Brambles! .... I honestly don't know what else to say without spoiling it. So I'll say only this: Don't even hesitate to pick this one up! .... I would definitively recommend this one to, well, everyone! .... Becoming Darkness is the first in The Haven trilogy and I seriously can't wait for the sequel!"
Priscila, Goodreads



"This novel read as a thriller and kept me turning the pages to find out what happened next. The way the ending left me, I am longing for a sequel. More of this well-imagined world would be amazing."

Amanda, Orandi et Legendi


"I don’t normally gravitate towards vampire stories but this novel is different. ... These vamps were political and bold and the main character who was an Immune was fierce and brave. ... This was a long novel but I could not put it down and I am hoping that this is not a stand alone novel…I need more!

Candice, Book Queen Reviews



"This is a stunning debut by Lindsay Francis Brambles. I absolutely loved this book and was hooked from page one. The writing is fantastic… Sophie is a brilliant protagonist and very likable. … The writing is enchanting and so very smooth. Brambles painted a picture, no a masterpiece, by using words, something that can be very difficult for authors to do. I loved how the author chose to end the book, and I hope that either a sequel is planned or the author plans to write more books like this in the future."

Erika (aka Rickus), Rickus Bookshelf



"Becoming Darkness is wholly original and full of exciting twists and turns. Readers won't soon forget the world of Sophie Harkness."

Heather Brown, Goodreads



"I really liked the alternate-history and paranormal mash-up idea. ... I liked that Sophie was a complex character. ...if you enjoy alternate-histories and paranormal stories, I recommend Becoming Darkness as a compelling genre mash-up."

Becca, I'm Lost in Books



“The overall concept is interesting and the narrative flows well, and many of the characters are engaging. … The action scenes, particularly a high-speed train ride, were compelling and very well conveyed. … I’m interested to see where the HAVEN trilogy will go and how certain mysteries will be resolved.”  

Jana Nyman, Fantasy Literature



"In the end, what more do you need to know? Vampires, Hitler, deadly virus, Nazi's taking over the planet, death, suffering, etc. What's not to love? This book definitely got me thinking about a lot of things. Go check out this book if you want something that will actually make you THINK and wonder. There is so much more I want to say about this book but...spoilers. So go find out for yourself! I cannot wait to see where the author takes this series in the next book."

Jennifer Christensen, Hello Jenny Reviews



"Sophie is a very strong female lead. She’s determined, sassy at times, very relatable and real. ... There are so many twists and turns that you will never be bored. It pulled me in from the very beginning. This book has something for everyone seriously. It's one of the best books I've read all year."

Carrie, Goodreads



"Lindsay Francis Brambles is a genius, piecing this together with layers upon layers of story and generations which collide and connect.  Hitler and Nazi Vampires: the base story—if not introduced properly—would flop miserably because people do not want just another vampire story.  Well, my friends, this is not your ordinary vampire story.  The backstory works magnificently and Sophie, the protagonist, is not a helpless lady but a strong female character who gives Katniss Everdeen a run for her money. Becoming Darkness is a work of genius!... Overall, Becoming Darkness is certainly a book to put on your bucket list.  This is the perfect time to read it: October.  Despite the strange it’s complicated status Sophie has with her boyfriend, this book is superb.  Lindsay Brambles is a true genius, creating a layered dystopian with vampires, Nazis, and non-stop action.  It will be sure to keep readers guessing to the very last page."

Jeanna, The Bucket List



"Lindsay knows how to write a story which is captivating, tense, heartbreaking and full of mystery and intrigue, from the concept through to the execution which was pretty much flawless, I am beyond anxious to read the next book... I give this a very well deserved 5/5 stars."

Sarah Brown, Head Stuck in a Book



"Becoming Darkness has something for everyone, in my opinion. Not only is there romance, but there’s action. Crazy, insane, high speed action. There are parts of this book that read like a crime novel, or even a James Bond type spy story. On top of that, we have vampires, for those of you who love paranormal elements like myself.

Although I totally misjudged it in the beginning, I ended up loving Becoming Darkness. Five out of five stars."

Macy, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Books



"There were many parts when I just couldn’t put it down no matter how inconvenient (there were many hours that I should have I spent doing productive thing but instead read this). ... ...our main characters Sophie and Val were crafted perfectly and I felt a connection to them for the whole book. They’re are many more amazing characters, so many in fact that I can’t talk about them all so they will be a surprise for you when you pick up a copy."

Caitlin, Goodreads



"Becoming Darkness is a really entertaining story. It is a story that makes you want to take a breath and just ride out this story until the very end to see what happens to Sophie next. Brambles has created a marvelously thought provoking story with remarkable characters who you can connect to."

Shelley, Gizmo’s Reviews



"This is one of those books that you think will never be written, but it finally has, and Lindsay Brambles’ has debuted a brilliant, bewitching novel that I have been waiting entirely too long to read. ...a fast-paced action-packed story that is layered with aspects and elements that truly left me pleased, and longing for more, as a reader. This book went above my expectations, and it’s become one of my favorites of the year. I will be looking out for Brambles’ future publications."

Coleen, The Book Ramblings



"I really enjoyed reading this book. There were so many different genres put together that I didn’t think that it would work at first but it was a wonderful combination. ... It was a crazy and wild ride from start to finish and I would recommend this to all fantasy readers."

Lisa, Mademoiselle Snow



Becoming Darkness is the vampire novel we have all been waiting for! Lindsay Francis Brambles has created a masterful story that incorporates romance, adventure, and a whole lot of what ifs. ... Becoming Darkness is a wonderful read for the young adult audience. It has everything a young reader could possibly want or need. There is action, romance, some more action and of course, vampires.

Stephanie, Novel Idea Reviews



I really enjoyed the writing, it was easy to read and overall felt very flow and was just very easy to read. It was just very well done! ... This is a very different book, a different spin on the whole dystopian world thing as well as a different view into what would have happened if hitler would have one, and on top of that a completely different kind of vampire story. ... If any of that sounds interesting to you? Go check this book out!

Dawnie, Goodreads



Lindsay Francis Brambles' writing is evocative, interesting, and her protagonist brings a lot to the table. But this pales in comparison to the excellent world-building, tight plot. I was a little heartbroken when I realized this was a series- but then again, a series means we get more!

Can't wait for the next one.

Tori, Goodreads



So I liked this book, I really did. I enjoyed the alternate history, and I really enjoyed that the author used a plethora of words describe things.

Kathy, Goodreads



"Becoming Darkness has a really interesting premise, and I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. I like how the book is a bit of a genre-bender combining historical, urban fantasy, and mystery into one. I also liked that Brambles did not take the easy way out with this book. The stakes are sufficiently high for a book about Nazis."

JoLee, Intellectual Recreations



"Who says first time authors can't write compelling, page-turning thrillers?!!! Lindsay Francis Brambles definitely delivers the goods with this intriguing mystery set in a modern day polar opposite historical setting. I could not put this book down, and was often frustrated when I did not have time to read! That speaks volumes as to the quality of this novel. I hope that I don't have to wait too long for the next one! Yes, a very selfish thing to say, I admit it!!"

Justin Lahey, Goodreads