The Black Market


            Due to rationing throughout Haven, there is a thriving black market in many goods and services. While technically illegal, for the most part the authorities turn a blind eye to such activity where it does not constitute a threat to peace and the balance of general commerce.

            One of the most popular items on the black market is the EAC. Since Electric Allotments are highly restricted, and the limits are largely the same for all individuals, there is never a shortage of people seeking to trade for the coupons. It is a poorly guarded secret that residents of Cliffside purchase large numbers of coupons through "brokers" who make the transaction more palatable for those who do not wish to risk the possibility of being caught engaging in illicit activities.

            Black market goods also include banned products, such as vamp novels, magazines, and motion pictures that have not been approved by the Haven Censorship Board. Although technically illegal to possess such items, the usual punishment is merely a warning and confiscation of the goods.