Beechwood Cemetery


            Beechwood Cemetery is the largest in Haven and the gravesite of many of the islands' past luminaries, including President Margolliean. Located on the edge of the capital city, past Kensington Aerodrome and lying between North Borough and West Borough, the cemetery is reached by way of Republic Avenue.

            The large tract of land situated in an idyllic setting was originally the last resting place for the thousands of men, women, and children who perished in the crossing to the islands and in the early days of settlement. The cemetery was designated the official "National Cemetery" in the early sixties, and has since served as the graveyard for many of Haven's most noted citizens and heroes.

            The landscaping of the cemetery is legendary, with a central avenue of crushed coral bisecting the vast, rich expanse of green fields. Mature kapok trees line the avenue, overhanging much of the route and forming a natural cathedral. The tomb of President Margolliean sits at the end of the avenue, surrounded by a water moat and is the centerpiece of the cemetery. The tomb itself is fashioned of stone quarried from the Blue Mountains and features a glass dome centered over a two-times life-size statue of the former president.

            Colorful sprays of flowers line the walkways that weave throughout the cemetery, in keeping with the philosophy that the surroundings be tranquil and inviting, with a sense of uplifted spirit. Every year, as part of Founders Day celebrations, school children visit the cemetery and set thousands of lanterns afloat in the two large reflecting ponds as part of the remembrance for those who sacrificed so much for the republic.